Introducing the Atmo Gas-Sensing Capsule

An ingestible gas-sensing capsule which continuously measures gases directly at the source of production in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and transmits the data wirelessly.

Until now a method has not existed to measure GI gases in situ.

Current GI tools are limited.

Unfortunately, current diagnostic methods for gastrointestinal disorders are often highly invasive or rely on subjective symptomatology and questionnaires.

Diagnostic methods such as aspiration, biopsy, endoscopy, motility pills, imaging pills and breath testing all have limitations.

Gas sensing in real-time from within the gut offers a potential diagnostic tool for many other gut disorders from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to liver disease.

*The Atmo Gas Capsule is currently an investigational device exclusively for use in clinical investigations and is not available for sale.

A simple non-invasive solution

The Atmo Gas Capsule allows tests to be performed at home, without impacting daily activities.

Step 1

Physician prescribes the Atmo motility study to evaluate for motility disorders.

Step 2

Patient swallows Gas Capsule with a standardised meal.

Step 3

Data is continuously transmitted From the Gas Capsule to the Receiver.

Step 4

Patient goes about their daily activities during the study.

Step 5

Physician uploads data to the cloud for aggregation, analysis and patient reporting.

Step 6

Physician discusses the results with the patient.

Key features and benefits

The Atmo Gas Capsule has unique benefits that could revolutionise the way gut disorders, diseases and wellness are diagnosed and managed.

Direct Sensing

At the source of gas production within the gut

Greater Accuracy

Up to 10,000 times better than current standards


Patient data can be aggregated for clinical analysis and predictive algorithms

Low Cost

Cheaper than current methods


Patients go about their daily activities


The size of a common vitamin pill

Real-time Data Collection

Data transmitted wirelessly to receiver and cloud

Future Opportunities

Potential applications span to IBS and IBD, liver disease